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  • Free Webinars for Centrifuge & Vacuum Drying Technologies

    Filtration and Drying are two of the more common processes in many Chemical and Pharmaceutical production operations. With many different slurry types and levels of potency, from small Kilo-Lab to Pilot Plant and Production size operations, understanding the fundamentals of filtration, centrifugation and vacuum drying has never been more important ...

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  • HEINKEL Group has opened a new office and assembly hall in China

    The HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group has opened a new office and assembly hall in Foshan near Guangzhou, thereby strengthening its presence and competitiveness in the Asian market. Head and owner of HEINKEL Drying and Separation Group and Stibbe Management, Philip Stibbe, explains the vision of the group in this interview. ?

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  • Highly efficient contact vacuum drying for high product quality in the pharmaceutical industry

    The manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates require reliable and gentle treatment during solid-liquid separation with succeeding drying of the wet cake. Highly efficient contact vacuum dryers ensure effective drying performance and high operational reliability with low product degradation due to thermal and mechanical i...

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